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FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION is a organization dedicated to promoting artistic, cultural, business and community events worldwide.

Founded and presided by Brazilian journalist Carlos Borges, a brazilian-american citizen with 45 years (28 of those in the United States) of successful experience in the fields of Journalism and event production.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, FBF has representatives in Orlando, Boston, New York and Los Angeles (USA), São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan), London (United Kingdom), Paris (France) and Milan (Italy).

The events Brazilian International Press Award, Business Press Award, Visual Arts Press Award, Focus Brasil Award, ABI/Community Media Awards,  Portuguese Language & Community Awards and Lifetime Achievement Press Award are trademarks of FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION.


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The mission of the FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION is to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion, through the organization of events dedicated to promote and celebrate a positive image of Brazil and Brazilians worldwide.

The FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION is deeply committed to the integration of Brazilians into the countries we live in, celebrating mutual cultural enrichment and cooperation.

The FOCUS BRASIL FOUNDATION is a non-political, non-partisan organization, open to all, regardless of race, faith, sexual orientation , and only focused on celebrating harmony and enlightenment.

Contact Us:

Main – info@focusbrasil.org
Production / Fort Lauderdale –  ANDREA VIANNA – andrea@focusbrasil.org
Sales / Fort Lauderdale – cb@focusbrasil.org


Production / Orlando – orlando@focusbrasil.org 
Sales / Orlando – emanes@jornalbb.com


Production / Boston – Boston@focusbrasil.org
Sales / Boston – alex@jornaldossports.com


Prodution & Sales / Japan – japan@focusbrasil.org / makuda@promotionbrasil.com
Production & Sales / UK – uk@focusbrasil.org
Production & Sales / Italy – info@focusbrasil.org